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Welcome To Enhance Beauty for both men and women.

Offering beauty and aesthetic treatments and specialising in anti-ageing skin tightening, lifting and plumping and inch loss for the whole body.


We pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service using the revolutionary new technology of the PureGenex Pure Lift+ platform, we provide 4D Cavi (Ultrasonic Cavitation) for Inch Loss, to help you lose weight fast, alongside our revolutionary facial and body skin tightening, toning, lifting and plumping (Multi-polar Radio Frequency & Photon Light Therapy) together with the hooded eye lift (Bio Micro-current) to achieve a younger, healthier appearance all over the body.  Go to our Pricing Page to see our latest special offers and prices. Phone to book your FREE 15 MIN CONSULTATION.

Please ask if you have any concerns as to whether you can be treated.


The PureLift+ delivers an amazing array of inch loss and skin treatment capabilities:-

*Rapid Inch Loss 4D Cavitation (stomach, legs, arms, flanks, chest)

  Facial Skin Tightening (forehead, cheeks, jowls, chin, neck)

  Eye Skin Tightening (eye bags, crow’s feet, drooping eye brow, under eye)

  Body Skin Tightening (stomach, arms, back, buttocks, legs, décolletage, etc.)

*Collagen promotion

*Acne reduction therapy

*Reduction of Pigmentation, redness, rosacea and capillaries

*Skin Conditioning, Skin Toning and Skin Firming

*Lip & Hand Plumping

All testimonials are the opinion of the individual. Any results described or claimed within these testimonials are specific to that individual customer. Results can vary and there are many factors that effect the results achieved by each individual customer, including but not limited to lifestyle, age, diet, etc. As such, we are not able to provide guaranteed results. We will commit to engaging with you as a customer to achieve the best results possible in your given situation.
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